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Angels' Hide Away...
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Here's what we think...

My Philosophy

My religion is a big part of my life and think people shouldn't be so cruel to people who have different beliefs as them. But also people should believe in whatever they want, not what their family or friends want to believe. My Mother lets me believe in whatever as long as I am happy. I'm glad that my mom is like that because if she wasn't I probably wouldn't be a christian today.

Standardized Tests

I think standardized tests are unfair because they don't test you on what you know and they try to trick you. What grades you get in regular classes are more important than how you do on some stupid test that you take on one day that you might not be feeling good.

Our Opinions, Your TEENS...

Although you may think of teenagers as not-so-bright or rebellious. Let me clue you in about what we are REALLY like.
In this part I will show you what we really think about religion, love, sex, and politics.
"I wish that people would put a stop to the war, hate, poverty, and the homeless situations. I mean we'd be a lot better off if we could stop all that now wouldn't we???"
Natalie Davis, Age 14

All that is on this page is in a teenagers point of view, actually a varity of teenagers.


Natalie Davis, Daniel Hall, and Joanna Culver have a lot to say on this page, but if any teenagers who want to have opinions on the subjects above please contact me at:

I'd greatly apprieciate your opinions.

Do you agree or disagree with our beliefs and opinions? We'd love to hear from you. Please write to Camille(Cami) at: